Last Sunday of each month 1:00pm – 4:00pm at MCC

In April 2008 Therry Lauzon and Reg Rempel shared a vision that they wished there was an alternative to jamming in the bars. It was discussed that the Millarville Community Church would be a great venue to host this type of an event. The next step was to discuss this idea with our pastor Allan Burney. Allan thought this would be a great outreach and we should go ahead with it. The next challenge was to schedule a time that did not conflict with other ministries that were already being hosted at the Church. A starting date was determined as quickly as April 27th, 2008 starting at 7 – 9 pm. Unfortunate for all of us Therry Lauzon was only able to attend the first one.Therry moved to Red Deer Alberta. The turnout was great, about 8 musicians showed up and an audience of about 15 people. This number has basically maintained its numbers to date, June of 2012. In the fall of 2011, the time changed from 7-9 pm to 3-5 pm due to the Bible Blocks ministry taking a break. With prayer another vision was born through Reg and Karen Rempel.This changed the event to set the table as we called it opening to a broader possibility. This was started in January of 2012, starting at 2 pm with a main meal supplied and adding pot-luck goodies. Then jamming from 3-5 pm. We have also added for fun at halftime for all who enter a thing we call a quick draw. The prizes vary from Gospel CDs to music videos. We encourage gospel songs, poetry, testimonies and stories to be shared by all. Always starting and ending with a word of prayer. We give special thanks to the Millarville Community Church and all the people that so graciously help us with the setting up and taking down of the equipment and chairs. A thank you as well toThe people that so willingly give of their talents in partnership of this ministry, to Bible Blocks that so willingly helped us from the beginning creating the stability that helped us to stand firm. Time is short and uncertain, for those who do believe, time is forever and our victory is certain.