The Missions Team is a group of 8 people who share a high degree of passion for the Great Commission.  Their common aim is to faithfully ensure that our church understands God’s heart for the nations, what He has done through Jesus Christ and His prescription for our action.  Through this the Team is dedicated to encouraging the church to focus on its mission and through its own leadership to become intimately involved in the Great Commission.  All with similar passion are invited to join the Team.

The Great Commission directs the church to announce Christ’s authority (the gospel – Mat 28:18; Rom 10:17), carry out its mission to proclaim this gospel and make disciples, and do this through baptism and teaching the Word of God (Mat 28:19-20; Col 1:28).  The Church is called to focus on its mission and Jesus has prescribed the strategy and given us the tools (Acts 1:8; Eph 4:11-12). The Missions Team strives to find ways to facilitate mission involvement in our local body, particularly cross-culturally, where we see people brought to faith by hearing the gospel.  We help to support new believers in other nations and those who are preaching the gospel and teaching new believers.  Our emphasis on Biblical teaching and application to our own lives equips us to “make disciples” as Jesus commanded.  Lives are transformed and these transformed lives in turn transform cultures and spread the good news.  The Kingdom of God is established and the “gates of hell shall not prevail” (Mat 16:18).