Community Groups of MCC

Community Groups (also known as small groups, home groups, life groups) are a part of church life, taking us from the larger set of Sunday morning to a more intimate setting. These groups gather around the Foothills community on a night that meets the needs of the members.

Relationship is such a priority to our God that He came in Christ to die for our sins so we could have a relationship with Him. He thus created us for a relationship with Him and each other in the body of Christ. At MCC we highly value relationships with God and each other. Community groups are an important venue to promote relations in the body.

Groups come together in a variety of ways and for different reasons, some of which are at similar stages of life a night of the week the meeting is held, or just because people have been drawn together with mutual interests.


Community Groups Training

Saturday April 27, 12:30pm - 4:30pm

We are currently planning to develop a network of Community Groups in our church which will allow us to make more contact with more people in the community, whether they are unbelievers, seekers, or just interested in knowing more. The groups will be modelled after a small Christian family with a focus on ministering to one another in a safe, caring environment.

We will begin offering workshops in February so that we can all understand better the intentions of these Community Groups. At first, we will encourage attendance of anyone who is now leading a group or who thinks they might want to become a leader of a Community Group.

By scattering these seeds, we pray that much new life will spring forth as we care for and nurture them, and as God pours out His blessings on them.


If you would like to GET CONNECTED with a small group contact Bill Cutress for further details.

Watch the MCC Briefing Podcast episode on Community Groups HERE.