Worship & Arts


Our vision is to transform individual lives by worshiping God wholeheartedly as a community.  Our mission is to lead the congregation through music and the arts, to focus on God, to hear His Words, and to be sensitive to His Spirit.  Worship is an important part of what we do at Millarville Community Church. We have a strong set of values and high expectations of our worship leaders.  As a church we are blessed to have a significant number of worship teams in relation to our size. This translates into a variety of styles and song choice. It also reflects the uniqueness and different perspective of each worship leader. Creativity is also encouraged. We have seen and heard original songs, dramas, art, and dance used to express worship and praise to the Lord.  Our church has been blessed with many talented and experienced musicians and vocalists.

While we value proficiency and want our teams to be always improving, two of our strongest values are character and sound doctrine. It is our intent to have teams that are first of all comprised of believers who demonstrate strong christian character in all aspects of their life. Musical talent should not override this consideration. Also, all expressions of worship will be in line with Biblical truth.  Just as worship should be integrated into our whole lives, the same holds true for the life of the church. Worship and those on the team ministry should not be separated and on their own, but woven through the rest of the church life.

If you are interested in getting involved in the Worship & Arts please contact the Ministry Leader Mike Voth.